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Enclosed 5-Acre Field

Dogs Free of Charge if you #BOOKDIRECT

(£7 per dog/night payable for 3rd party/OTA bookings)​


Fully Enclosed 5-Acre Field

(5FT, 5" Badger Mesh)

We recognise that leaving a valued family member with friends or in kennels when going on holiday isn't always an option, particularly in areas such as the South Hams where there are so many beautiful walks to be enjoyed.

As such, we WELCOME (as opposed to accept) a maximum of TWO dogs per room (excluding our Single/Small Double Room due to size restrictions) by prior arrangement at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE if you book directly with us.


Better still... if your dog(s) can vouch for you, then you can come too!

Dartmouth is exceptionally dog-friendly, and it would be easier to list where you and your dog wouldn't be welcome.

In Stoke Fleming alone, you will be welcome at both the Green Dragon Pub and Kendricks Restaurant. Out of season, Blackpool Sands is also extremely dog-friendly. The village has a lovely playing field where dogs are welcome and we are frankly spoilt for choice when it comes to spectacular coastal walks to explore in the area.
We also own a fully enclosed 5-acre field that guests are welcome to use...
10-Mins (max) walk from Channel View, our field is ideal for dogs with poor Recall/Reactivity/High Prey Drive.
Or maybe, you simply want to enjoy a walk with your dog(s) without having to worry about other people and/or their dogs whilst soaking in the stunning views and scenery around you?
The field is available for sole-use only and is not open to the general public.
If you would like to use it during your stay, you can either:

Click the 'Secure Dog Walking Field' option (£7 per 1 Hr visit) when making a reservation, and select the number of visits you are likely to want. (Times can then be agreed with us either before your visit or when you are with us).

After making a reservation, we can give you access to our online booking system so you can check availability / make and pay for time slots as required. Alternatively, you can express your interest when you are with us and book/pay on-site.
After you have made a reservation with us, please look out for the invitation to download our digital guidebook. It works like any other app (and is even available offline) and contains a wealth of knowledge about the local area and where you and your dog will/won't be welcome.
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