A deposit payment equivalent to a one night stay with us is required to secure a booking. (Please visit our tariff page for details of our prices per night, dependent on the duration of the stay that you require). The deposit will be deducted from the final balance owing to ourselves. The final balance is payable upon arrival with ourselves.


Deposits can either be paid online through our online booking channel, or authorised by the cardholder over the phone (we accept all major debit and credit cards). Please note that under no circumstances can we accept credit or debit card details provided to us via email and all card details and authorisation of payments must be made personally by the cardholder over the phone.


We can confirm that all information provided to us is stored and disposed of securely in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act and our Merchant Provider.


We regret that we are unable to accept cheques as a method of payment for deposits or final balances (please blame the banks, not us!)


In the unlikely event of cancellation:

The deposit is refundable, provided we receive at least 21 days notice of any proposed cancellation. (Please note that a £10 admin fee will be deducted to cover our time and costs). For cancellations made within 21 days of the intended arrival date, we will only refund the deposit (minus the aforementioned admin fee) if we are able to re-let the room.  If you do not show, or cancel your booking (or part of your booking) within 48-hours of the scheduled check-in time of 4:00pm on the planned date of arrival, no refund of the deposit payment will be issued and a charge equivalent to the total booking price will be levied. Please understand, that our aim is not to profit from your misfortune - only to limit ours - and so, the more notice you can give us, the more likely it will be that we are able to refund. We do of course also strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover any unexpected eventualities.

Final Payments:

Are due on arrival at our property. We accept cash and most major debit/credit cards. If you would prefer to pay the balance by BACS or Paypal, please contact us to make the payment at least 48-hours prior to your arrival.




Is between 4pm and 6pm for bookings made directly with ourselves. For reservations made through a third party OTA (Online Travel Agent), check-in is between 5pm and 6pm unless agreed otherwise with us. If you are likely to arrive later than 6pm, we do ask that you contact us to make alternative arrangements so that we can ensure access in our absence. Thank you.


For customers planning to arrive later than 6pm, please be advised that we do reserve the right to re-let rooms if we haven't heard from you by 7pm on the day of arrival. (N.B. Even if we have agreed a later check-in and you are unable to make the agreed time, it is still essential that you contact us to let us know. If we do not hear from you and if we are unable to get hold of you, access to the property cannot be guaranteed and is unlikely). We do however, appreciate that delays can occur due to e.g. traffic conditions and only ask that you keep us updated with an anticipated arrival time.




Is by 10.30am on departure day for bookings made directly with ourselves. For reservations made through a third party OTA (Online Travel Agent), check-out is by 10.00am on departure day. Unfortunately, in order to maintain our high standards and do our utmost to protect all of our guests to the best of our ability, we are unable to offer a 'late checkout' facility at this current time (Covid-19).




Are very welcome. We accept a maximum of two dogs per room (excluding our 'Single/Small Double Room' due to size limitations) but please do ensure that you let us know in advance if you wish to bring your dog(s). Because we love dogs, we don't charge you any extra to bring them (if you make a reservation directly with us) - all that we ask is that you please respect our home, as we are sure that you would your own so that we can continue to offer this rare privilege. Please see our 'dogs welcome' page or click here for more information. (Please be aware that if you make a reservation with us through an OTA (online travel agent)/third party, charges to bring your dog(s) will apply).

Free WI-FI Access:


We don't want to charge you if we don't have to and therefore, we currently offer the privilege of free WI-FI. Our access is however subject to a 'Fair Usage Policy' and so please be advised that we do monitor each guests broadband usage and reserve the right to disconnect any specific room(s) for the duration of a stay if we consider that a customer is exceeding their fair limit. (Please be assured that we don't 'pry'... our goal is simply to make sure that we don't get any nasty surprises at the end of the month!)




We are able to offer one parking space per room. Please note that we are unable to accept additional vehicles over this allocation. Parking bays are clearly marked and we would ask all customers to please consider others when parking their vehicles.


The world is a very different place since the Coronavirus pandemic, but we would like to reassure you that the health of our guests is as important to us as the enjoyment of their stay. We have completed a Risk Assessment and have based our policies on the current government guidance for hospitality businesses. (We will constantly be reviewing these and as their advice changes, we will obviously update our policies accordingly). For those of you who don't have time to read the full document (which can be found  further on below), we have summarised the main points: as follows:

  • Our cleaning products are (and always have been) sourced professionally, but we are taking extra care to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements to help prevent transmission of the virus;

  • No glassware, crockery or cutlery is hand washed. It all goes (and always has done) through the dishwasher. All linen is laundered at temperatures over 60°;

  • Social Distancing Measures are in place at the property;

  • There are Hand Sanitizer Stations at the main entrance and also within the building;

  • We are of course washing our hands a lot and hope that you will too. (Our current ‘song of choice’ is Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You,’ but we have substituted the words 'We Will Rock You,' for, ‘We Will Wash you’);

  • We have always prided ourselves on our cleanliness, but are paying extra special attention to all touch surfaces with extra sanitizing taking place throughout the day;

  • Our breakfast sideboard has had to be removed and is now ‘behind the scenes’ but is still there for your enjoyment.

The Full Version of our Secure Covid-19 Policy is as follows:

Before You Arrive:

As per Government advice, please do not travel to us if you, or anyone in your party, is showing any of the common symptoms of Coronavirus (i.e. fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell). We will work with you to re-arrange your stay for a future date (and please don’t forget that you should have travel insurance in place).



We aim to make this as ‘normal’ as possible during these ‘non-normal times’ and so won’t be making any specific changes at this time, but may have to revise this policy and stagger check-in times if it becomes difficult to carry this out and keep all of our guests safe. We would be grateful if you could please use the hand sanitizer station outside the front door prior to entering the building. Thankfully, some things never change, and our dogs are sure to let us know when you have arrived… hopefully from there, we can carry out a ‘socially distanced check-in’ without things becoming too impersonal. (If you do arrive at the same time as another guest, we would be grateful if you could wait in the car until they have had a chance to check-in, or alternatively, make use of the outside seating on the terrace/in the garden [weather permitting] whilst you wait).


Unless it becomes a mandatory requirement, we won’t be taking your temperature on arrival, but we do reserve the right to do so if you appear unwell. Should we record a temperature of 38°C or above, we will ask you to return home and self-isolate as per the Government guidance. (We will rearrange your stay for a future date under these circumstances).


If you require assistance with your luggage, we are happy to do so. We will follow you at a safe distance and place your bags outside your door. 


Common Areas and Stairway:

We are asking guests to please give priority to those coming up the stairs. If you see someone ascending the stairs, please just pop back into your bedroom until they have accessed their room.


Your Bedroom:

A welcome sheet will explain the most important aspects of our COVID-19 Secure Policy. Please rest assured that your room will have been cleaned to our usual high standards, with all ‘touch surfaces’ given extra attention (to include light/lamp switches, hospitality trays, door handles, hairdryer, window handles, coat hangers, tiled surfaces etc).

During your stay, in accordance with current guidance, we would encourage plenty of natural ventilation to help prevent the transmission of the virus. Your linen has been laundered at temperatures of 60° plus, and all cups, glasses etc will have been passed through the dishwasher at similar temperatures.


I’m sure that you all ‘mastered the art’ of washing your hands from an early age, so apologies (but I have a duty to ask/remind you) to please do so whenever you enter/leave your bedroom. Hand sanitizer is also provided in various locations throughout the building.


Daily Cleaning:

To keep room-to-room contact to a minimum, we are unable to carry out our usual intensive daily clean. We will however still perform a daily refresh of your room (to include replenishing any items that you require). If you would prefer us not to do this, please just let us know. (We are happy to leave any items that you might require on your allocated table in the breakfast room for you to collect).


If deemed appropriate, we will wear PPE when servicing/changing rooms, so please do not be alarmed if you see us ‘masked up like Nanook of the North’.


To allow guests time to get seated & minimize potential multiple movements in communal areas, we will arrange a timeslot with you that will remain in place for the duration of your stay. Each room has an allocated table (clearly labelled with their room number) and we ask all guests to only use this table throughout their stay. (We will set your table etc with cutlery in the morning prior to your breakfast slot to ensure no cross-contamination). There will be no breakfast buffet, so please remain seated and wait to be served. Certain items (e.g. cereals and sauces) will now be served via disposable packets/sachets (sorry – we hate them too, but hopefully, this won’t be forever!) Your food will be served to your table to minimise movement in the breakfast area. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept dogs in the breakfast room during the breakfast service, but they are welcome to dine with you on the terrace or in the garden.

Evening Meals:

Due to current pub/restaurant limits, we anticipate an increase in the need for evening takeaways. In the interests of cleanliness and hygiene, we are grateful if these are not consumed in the bedrooms. To accommodate this demand, the breakfast room will remain available for use during the evenings until 10pm. (Please remember to only use your allocated table). All guests are obviously more than welcome to also enjoy the outside area, or the conservatory (maximum FOUR people [two rooms] at any one time please), where a fridge & microwave is provided for your convenience. (We realise that it's a bit of a 'faff' but if a guest should need access to the fridge/microwave & there are already the maximum four people in the conservatory, we are grateful if you can step out to give them the chance to do this as this is the only way we can keep this room open/functioning for our guests whilst practicing the necessary distancing measures).  Please be advised that dogs are permitted in the breakfast room & conservatory in the evening.


If you require any plates/cutlery etc, please do not help yourselves from the kitchen. I am more than happy to provide, so please just ask! These will then be left on your allocated table in the breakfast room. Please resist any urge to wash up after use. All dirty crockery/cutlery needs to be left on your allocated table.




We regret that we are currently unable to permit visitors who are not staying at the premises within the building.




To minimize numbers in the hallway after breakfast, we are now requesting payment of final balances on arrival. All usual payment methods are currently accepted (BACS/Credit or Debit Card/Cash). We cannot offer a late check-out facility at this time & thank you for vacating promptly so that we can thoroughly clean the space for our next guests. Please leave your keys in the back of the door & open the windows to ventilate the room (& remember to check your room carefully prior to departure as no left property can be currently retained or returned).


Should you feel unwell during your stay with any of the common Coronavirus symptoms (i.e. fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell) then you must notify us immediately. In line with Government guidance, you will be asked to check out immediately in order to self-isolate at your home address. Should your symptoms become worse, you should seek medical advice. If you need help to do this, please let us know.


Alcohol hand sanitiser will be available at all times upon entrance to the building and also at various locations within the building.


Should you hear the fire alarm, please evacuate as normal and keep a sensible distance from other guests where possible (to include whilst standing outside on the car park).


Should we find evidence of Covid-19 on site, or as owners we are tested positive and need to self-isolate, we may need to cancel your booking at short notice. Should this happen, please be assured that a full refund (or alternate dates if you prefer) will be offered.


Please note that the above is a sample of the new health and safety measures being implemented at Channel View and is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to offer an overview of how we are working to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our guests and ourselves. All standards will be reviewed and re-evaluated regularly to ensure that they remain relevant and are in accordance with the guidance issued by the WHO, local health and government authorities.

Should you require any help or have any questions before your stay, do please let us know by calling: 01803 770 389, or EMAILING US HERE (PLEASE CLICK LINK).


We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to welcoming you in due course.



In the very unlikely event of damage to our property, we reserve the right to issue charges. (For the avoidance of doubt, we are human and fully understand that accidents do happen and would only charge for avoidable and/or malicious damage). Removal of any of our fixtures and fittings (to include e.g. towels) will be charged.


We also reserve the right to charge for non-payment of accommodation upon departure and any other associated costs.

The management also reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time. In these exceptional circumstances, any deposit payment made will, of course, always be returned in full.

Lastly, if there is anything that you are unsure of, please don't hesitate to ask:


Telephone: 01803 770 389


Email: Click Here