Be PROUD to stand out from the crowd!

For those of you who know me, you will already know that my true passion lies in writing... In fact, right now, I'm supposed to be engaging in a murder spree (my latest fictitious character is a killer who lives in the storm drains of Las Vegas). But try as I might, I don't always feel like committing murder (these feelings only tend to rear to the surface like the devil child from hell when a customer upsets me)... [only kidding!]

When I'm not killing people (in my head and on paper only you understand), I usually just procrastinate - but this leads me to my second predicament... my house is currently immaculately clean and the garden has been weeded within an inch of its life. But alas, I am still not in the mood for murder it would seem. And so instead, I have decided to tackle the rather tenuous issue of why certain hotels/B&B's won't accept dogs. (If this doesn't do the trick, nothing will :-) )...

It all started for me back in 2014 with the Malmaison Hotel Group (but it's probably best you don't get me started on who in their right mind would name their hotel group the 'Bad House' Hotel Group). So anyway, back in 2014, the 'Bad House Hotel Group' (who were previously dog friendly) decided to close their doors to dogs. To put this in perspective, they openly boasted on their website at the time that they 'dared to be different', yet their decision sadly served to prove that exactly the opposite was true.

Now I learn, that dogs will no longer be accepted throughout the Village Hotels Chain and as both a dog owner, and an accommodation provider who welcomes dogs in my establishment, I am struggling to understand the reasoning behind this decision.

Both Malmaison and Village used the same excuse... apparently 'guests who suffered from allergies were unhappy when they saw dogs within the hotel as they may affect their health.' Yet surely, given the wealth of information available on the Internet, this is a little like attending Crufts only to subsequently complain that there were dogs present at the event? (Interestingly, Village are seemingly happy to accept dogs during Crufts Week at Village, Solihull... Talk about mixed messages! Surely the chain either does or doesn't consider guest allergies to be of importance? (Or do they simply just intend to prove that they can 'have their cake and eat it' after all?)

Public misconception and intolerance of dogs is all too often disguised under the auspices of allergies (and is for me I'm afraid, all too reminiscent of the customer who claims to be highly allergic to a certain food whilst nibbling on the offending item). It is all about whether a hotel/chain/individual chooses to rise to that intolerance, or better still, rise above it. If you have a ready made captive audience, is it really sensible to then ostracise that audience?

It is estimated that a whopping 50% of the population owns a pet and if one were to observe the seating arrangement in the lounge of these homes, it would soon become apparent where most dog-owners loyalties lie. Travelling without a valued member of the family is more often than not, quite simply not an option. Their pets are their 'children' (except thankfully unlike children, they won't urinate in the hotel pool!)

But *dogs smell* don't they? Won't the smell linger in the rooms? No more than overbearing perfume... day-old garlic as it oozes from the pores... dirty nappies...

Don't get me wrong - there will always be a small minority of individuals who travel with their dog and run the risk of ruining the pleasure for everyone, but this is surely no different to those parents who remain blissfully unaware that their children are not uniquely exempt from causing any kind of irritation to the remainder of society?

The way I see it, I have the chance to capture a 'hole in the market' - an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be proud... And I for one, certainly won't be wasting that opportunity.

And now that I've probably ruffled a few feathers, I think I shall return to the storm drains!

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